The Daughter of Evil: Retrouver of Silver[1] is a short story included in Interlude of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Worldguide, released on August 30, 2011. The manga was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by CAFFEIN. It depicts the battle between Chartette Langley and Mariam Futapie during the Lucifenian Revolution and explains the circumstances surrounding Mariam's death.

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Note: Improved Summary Pending until full translations are acquired.

During the Lucifenian Revolution, Mariam is battling a hooded figure wielding a gigantic sword, who later reveals herself to be Chartette. Mariam notes that it is impossible to parry a sword that big and asks Chartette why she joined the revolutionary army. Chartette replies that she is not doing it for money or pride, but merely following her feelings, shared by the people. Mariam merely comments that Chartette's actions will only make Riliane unhappy. Chartette attacks downward but gets her sword stuck in the ground, letting Mariam shatter it with one stroke of her palm. Mariam then launches a devastating kick, sending Chartette crashing into the wall.

Just as Mariam is about to finish her off, Chartette unleashes her secret weapon, the Rocket Glove. Mariam is heavily injured by the surprise attack and just as Chartette is about to finish her off, she has a flashback: Chartette is seen breaking a vase. Chartette apologizes and admits that she is a horrible maid, but Mariam reassures her that even though Chartette can be careless at times, she is still doing her best.

Taking it as a chance, Mariam uses a smoke bomb to disappear. Chartette screams out Mariam's name in frustration. Mariam escapes to a dark corner, shaken by the fact that she lost to Chartette. Ney appears and tells Mariam that she has been searching for her. Mariam tells Ney to flee but ends up stabbed in the back by her. As she lay dying, Mariam believes that everyone betrayed her and no matter who wins, she wouldn't be alive to witness the outcome.


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  • The word retrouver is French, meaning "to recall" or "to remember".
  • The story was originally planned to be a part of The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow but was scrapped by mothy due to not following the perspective of either Germaine or Allen.[2]


  • Looking back on the story, mothy considered Mariam a truly "pitiable" character.[3]



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